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Rick Mulready’s Video 4X Effect Bonus Bonanza

Welcome to the bonus package designed to amplify your results in The Video 4X Effect



Ready to stand out, build an audience of raving fans, and then convert them into leads and customers? 


If you’re nodding your head and thinking “HECK YA” — you’re in the right place.

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This bonus package is for the online entrepreneur that wants to accelerate their results in The Video 4X Effect.

Here’s my promise to you: 

What you take away from my exclusive bonuses will 4X what you learn in The Video 4X Effect.


Sound good?

Video 4X is all about mastering your message and creating content that does 70% of the selling for you 

My bonuses? 

They’re designed to add some fuel to that 🔥🔥🔥 

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2-Day LIVE Event with The Most Successful Online Entrepreneurs Around, Including: Brandon Lucero, Jim Fortin, Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, and Mel Abraham in Sunny San Diego

(Value: $4,997)  **Although I don't expect it, speakers can be subject to change.


This intimate live event is going to have you itching to pull an all-nighter in your hotel room and put the exclusive high-level strategies you learn into action. 

Not only will you get to hang out and learn from the creator of The Video 4X Effect himself, you’ll also get a notebook’s worth of ideas and strategies from leading experts on topics like…

  • Creating a 7-figure mindset

  • Mastering your message 

  • Taking your marketing to new heights

  • Increasing your sales

  • Managing your entrepreneurial finances 

  • and so much more…

This is the perfect opportunity to create relationships with like minded online entrepreneurs. Intimate live events like these are where the magic happens. 

This is where the best connections are made, and where you’ll feel right at home coming up with a flood of new ideas to take home and apply to your growing business.

Meet your business growth mentors… 

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Brandon Lucero

This guy hardly needs an introduction but I’ll give you one anyway.

Brandon is the brains behind The Video 4X Effect and has personally helped me and countless other online experts to reach more people, stand out in their industry, and grow their revenue using his one of a kind methodology.

His presence at live events is a serious gift. This guy knows how to light up a stage. At this 2-day event, Brandon will be dropping messaging and content knowledge and insider strategies that build on what you’ll learn in his program.

Brandon Lucero
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Jim Fortin

Jim’s revolutionary approach to entrepreneurial mindset has changed my business and my life, and I’m not the only one.

For almost 20 years Jim has helped countless 1000s of people training them in the areas of unconscious sales influence, human effectiveness and NeuroPersuasion®.

If you’re holding yourself back in any way, this is the man to help you unleash your true potential.

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Amy Porterfield

If Amy were to ever get a tattoo, I have a feeling it would proudly say “OVERDELIVER”. That’s just what she does and that’s why I can’t wait for you to learn from her.

If you don’t know Amy, she’s an 8-figure course creator and list building master with a heart of gold. She’s also on par with Metallica when it comes to knowing how to rock a stage.

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Pat Flynn

My good friend Pat Flynn is known for his helpful, down-to-earth style and his super smart approach to building online businesses in all different industries.

He’s created several successful companies, a best-selling book, top ranked podcasts, and he’s also the kinda guy who pays it forward like nobody's business.

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Mel Abraham

Among other things, Mel is an expert of helping online entrepreneurs master their finances and building wealth. Mel not only teaches you how to run a profitable business but also plan for the future while living your best life.

He’s helped me put a rock solid financial plan in place and is the reason why my business has never been more financially stable.

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… and, of course, I’ll be jamming on how to scale your online business using strategies normally reserved for my private Accelerator mastermind clients.

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An Exclusive Video 4X Deep Dive Training and 4-Week Coaching Series

(Value: $997)


Amp up your online business success FAST with specific trainings plus live coaching and Q&A on core lessons from The Video 4X Effect so you can implement like crazy and get the extra support you need.

This 4-week group coaching series will take you deeper into the most important pieces of The Video 4X Effect so you can truly make the most of the program.

After having worked with Brandon, I know what parts of his process will help you move the needle fastest. These calls will focus on those parts of the process while also giving you a chance to get coaching and the answers to your specific questions live each week.

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My Facebook and Instagram Ads Training

(Value: $997)

Learn How to Finally Attract and Convert Your Ideal Customers 

The Video 4X Effect gives you the formula for creating content that attracts raving fans. The only question is, how do you convert all of that amazing content into leads and sales? 

That’s where Foundations comes in. 

This course is a step-by-step, foolproof Facebook and Instagram Ads system that only requires 20% of your time, energy, and budget — but often results in an 80% increase in impact, ROI, leads, and sales.

If you’ve tried ads in the past without success OR if you’re a complete beginner, this is for you. 

Throw your “I’m not tech savvy enough” excuses out the window. 

Hug your fear of failure goodbye. 

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Write your time and money wasting worries on a piece of paper, pop those sentiments in a bottle and throw it out to sea. 

These strategies, in combination with what you learn inside of The Video 4X Effect will completely revolutionize your lead generation, your sales, and your ability to become a widely recognized voice in your industry.

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I spent $180 and made $5000 in return! Thanks, Rick! I purchased Rick’s course and within an hour had my ad running. Not only that, but his advice about ad creation and audience helped me get hundreds of new leads in 4 days.”

- Jessica Kupferman,

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Thanks to Rick’s easy to follow strategies, my first ever ad campaigns earned me a little over $3,500 from a spend of $500— and that was just from one of Rick’s sessions. Now I’m in a place where leads are costing me $1.25 and are earning me back $13+.

- Nick Stevenson, Author Marketing Machine

Here’s what you’ll get inside of Foundations:


✔️7 “paint-by-numbers” modules that are easy to understand and implement even if you’re not “techy” and you’ve never used FB ads before 

✔️ A complete and proven system that will transform the way you run your business and help you crack the automated leads and sales success code 

✔️ Clarity, confidence, and total bewilderment that you waited this long to implement a Facebook ads strategy (seriously, you’ll be amazed at what’s possible when you figure this out) 

✔️ Tried and tested methods to make sure you always get an ROI on your ad spend — no more flushing dollars down the drain. What you learn in the course will eliminate the risk that’s held you back in the past 

✔️ From strategy to set-up to analyzing your stats, I’ll demystify everything that’s ever felt way too intimidating so you can sustainably scale your biz without overwhelm 


Here’s the thing… 

Foundations gets great results by itself, but pairing it with what you learn inside of The Video 4X Effect is a recipe for record breaking success. These 2 programs together are like PB&J, fish and chips, nuts and bolts… you get my drift 😉

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Ads Targeting Workshop: 

How to Attract and Get In Front of Your Exact Target Audience on Facebook & Instagram

(Value: $147)

Ads targeting might not *sound* super exciting, but trust me — IT IS. Because phrase it differently and ads targeting is really just your ability to connect with the people you KNOW your offers can help. If that’s not magic then I don’t know what is. 

Targeting is one of the biggest struggles online experts have when it comes to paid traffic. That’s why I created a 3-hour A-Z deep dive all about how to find the perfect audiences for your ads.

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During this 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn things like:


✅ Why your “ideal customer avatar” description isn’t enough when it comes to ads targeting

✅ How I research target audiences to ensure I’m putting my ads in front of my exact target customers

✅ Interest targeting

✅ How to group target audiences when setting up your ads

✅ “Ideal” audience sizes

✅ Custom Audiences

✅ Lookalike Audiences

✅ The #1 audience you need to be building in 2020 (and why most people won’t do it)

✅ Dos and Don’ts of “Layered” Targeting

✅ The biggest mistake I see online entrepreneurs making with their ad targeting

✅ 3 “Must-Have” ad targeting strategies

 … AND you’ll get access to the whole Q&A so you can learn from the questions of other course creators, coaches, and consultants. 

When I ran this workshop live, 17-minutes in and attendees were telling me the investment was already worth it. 

Pair your perfect targeting with the incredible videos and content you create inside of The Video 4X Effect and you’ll be well on your way to “success story” status. 

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How these bonuses work to amplify your experience in The Video 4X Effect:

I’ve designed this bonus package to help you create momentum as you apply everything you learn in Brandon’s incredible program.


Using what I’ve personally learned from Brandon combined with my own Facebook and Instagram ad knowledge and experience building a 7-figure online expert business has resulted in some pretty brag-worthy results, including…

More engagement and deeper connections with my audience all without me having to work hard producing endless “how-to” content. 

Instead, I’m attracting clients and customers who align with my core values and let me tell ya — my business has never been as fun, fulfilling, or profitable. 

My video ads based on Brandon’s content framework are absolutely crushing it (especially compared to plain image ads I’ve run in the past). 

My friend, I’ve been in the digital advertising world for 17 years and the results I’m getting using Brandon’s strategies combined with my FB and IG ad expertise are next level. 

⇒ After working with Brandon on a mini video series for one of my launches we reached an engagement audience of 100,000 people and had over 3,000 new members in my pop-up Facebook group.

I’m just ONE success story out of hundreds. The methods Brandon teaches are truly one of a kind and work for almost every type of business.

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Got questions? I’ve got answers 👇

Are you freaking out right now? Stick with me… 

Listen, I know investing in yourself and your business can feel straight up terrifying. 

There’s no shortage of shiny objects out there shouting “choose me!” but here’s the thing… 

Your content is your main way of communicating your value.

And as online experts, communication is EVERYTHING. 

It’s your way of sharing your message far and wide so that you can help more people. 

It’s your way of showing your ideal clients and customers that you get them.

It’s your way of selling without ever actually pitching anything. 

In short — it’s one of the most powerful things you can do to grow your business. 

So if hitting that button feels slightly anxiety inducing, I want you to know I’ve got your back. 

Learning how to create compelling content is a skill you’ll have for life, and learning how to turn your message into leads and sales pretty much guarantees a healthy piece of ROI pie. 

We’re in this together. I’m cheering you on every step of the way. 


I’m Ready to Join the Content Revolution and get your Bonus Bonanza, Rick!

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