Launching Is More Popular...and More Confusing Than Ever.

But without launches, you’re stuck in the day-to-day grind, leaving money on the table every time you fold up your laptop.

Introducing the:

5-Day Live
Optimized Launch Method™
Training Mini Series

Your Simple, Repeatable, Low Stress Yet Super Effective Way to Launch

**The Training Series Begins November 16th**

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In This Free Live Training Series, You’ll Learn:


➡️  What the Optimized Launch Method™ is and how you can easily start using it to position yourself as the expert you are, explode your sales, and increase your impact.

➡️  The Perfect Student Fill Up Process for filling your launch with your ideal audience.

➡️  How to over-deliver incredible free value during your launch AND keep you audience hungry for your paid offer...before you’ve even opened cart

➡️  3 overly-simple-yet-effective ways to maximize your sales

➡️  And more...


Remove the Guesswork for Converting Leads to Sales With the Simplest, Low Stress Launch Strategy Ever

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Let’s face it...

It’s been a year, hasn’t it? Things have been heavy and hard enough, and launching (even in the best of times) can be super stressful. There’s a ton of moving parts, and it can be overwhelming.

You have to block off a lot of time, and you have to gear up and get your mindset right if you want to have a successful launch.

The Optimized Launch Method is the easiest launch you'll ever do and by the end of this Free Live Training Series, you’ll have a complete plan for using it in your business. 

Inside the exclusive Optimized CEO Facebook Group, each day you’ll learn the proven and easiest step-by-step method to go from launching your course (or membership) to crickets to finally converting leads into sales WITHOUT complex strategies, brain-scrambling tech, and cortisol raising stress.


This ain’t your grandma’s fluffy video series.

(no offense, Grammy.)

The Optimized Launch Method isn’t extra effort, you can do this right now. I’m going to walk you through the entire process. This is the type of launch where you don’t need an 18 page project plan.

If you're looking for a  simple repeatable, low stress launching option that's super effective, this training series is for you!

Free Live Training Mini Series: November 16th-20th, 2020


There's nothing more frustrating than launching the program it took you months to create to the tune of 2 sales (and your mom replying to all your launch emails.) 

A successful launch doesn't have to be an online marketing mythical unicorn.

No matter where you are in your business, The Optimized Launch Method™ is a simple, repeatable process you can implement with less effort than deciding on your next Netflix binge.

That's why we'll be teaching you, supporting you, helping, and holding you accountable for 8 full days so you can see RESULTS.

5 Days of No-Fluff Actionable Content & Implementation

You’ll actually be creating your launch over the 5 days (and then 3 additional days of support!) -- with help from me and my team.

If you have a course or membership that you've been trying to launch and not seeing the results...

This training series is about learning and TAKING ACTION so you can start seeing the launch results you’ve been hoping for.

The Optimized Launch Method™ isn't extra effort, you can do this right now.

I'm going to walk you through the entire process.

(This is the type of launch where you don't need an 18 page project plan.)

If you're looking for a SIMPLE, repeatable, low stress launching option that's super effective, this training series is for you!


Exclusive Facebook Group

During this Free Live Training Series, you’ll get training & coaching from myself AND business coaches from my team -- in an exclusive Facebook group.

Each day you’ll learn step-by-step how to go from launching your course (or membership) to crickets...

to finally converting leads into sales...

WITHOUT all the complexity and “heaviness” that accompanies most launches.

Get daily help, support, community and accountability throughout this Training.

This isn't about telling you what you already know and leaving you alone with Google to figure out the how... 

This is about you learning the game-changing Optimized Launch Method™ strategy that you can IMPLEMENT TODAY.

I'm IN! Let's Do This!

Hi, I'm Rick...


I help online course creators become the Optimized CEO of their business -- optimizing for maximum profit & impact so you can have more freedom, help more people & increase your revenue.

I'm the host of The Art of Online Business podcast and I’ve taught thousands of online entrepreneurs to optimize the foundations of their business so they can run after their 6 and 7-figure goals through sustainable & profitable systems.

I've built a 7-figure business as an online expert and course creator from the ground up so it's my jam helping you live fully aligned with your values & priorities.

I also have a not-so-secret superpower of simplifying Facebook and Instagram ads, teaching thousands of online entrepreneurs all over the world how to create consistent leads and sales with ads without getting sucked into endless guessing games or unnecessary overwhelm. .

Before starting my business, I spent 12 years in corporate Internet advertising, working with the likes of AOL, Yahoo!, Funny or Die and Vibrant Media where I sold and managed online ad campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world.

I'm also the proudest father ever of Maya, my 20 month old daughter, and husband to Amy.

My #1 goal is to help you get better results in your business, in less time.

Let’s do this…



✅ If you're an Online Course Creator / Online Coach / Online Expert with a current offer and you're stuck trying to get to consistent $5K/month in your business, this training series is for you. 

✅ You've likely launched before, maybe you made a few sales, but you're still scratching your head on how to actually create MOMENTUM in your business.

✅ You're looking for an EASIER and more consistent way to launch where not only do you get to grow your list but also create an awesome connection with your audience (and thus more sales).

✅ If your business has felt like you've been pushing a big 'ol rock up a hill only to have it fall back down again (and again and again)...

This training series is for you.

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